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Java Home Media Option

JavaHMO implements a media server for the Home Media Option from TiVo® and adds new innovative features beyond the existing functionality provided by TiVo's implementation.

Download JavaHMO 2.4:

Java Home Media Option 2.4 can be now be downloaded. This version adds support for ToGo. The software is free and developed as an open source project hosted on

This is the final version of JavaHMO. All future development will occur in the next-generation version of JavaHMO called Galleon.

JavaHMO 2.4 Features

The list of features in JavaHMO 2.4 go well beyond the features provided by the HMO Publisher software provided by TiVo:

  • View images in the following formats: BMP, GIF, FlashPix, JPEG, PNG, PNM, TIFF, and WBMP.
  • Rotate images.
  • Play MP3 files.
  • Random/shuffle play.
  • View MP3 file tag information.
  • Play MP3 streaming stations on the internet.
  • Sort items by different criteria.
  • Organize MP3 files based on their ID3 tags.
  • Automatically download Shoutcast playlists of your favorite streaming stations.
  • Use the streaming proxy server to significantly improve on the inadequate support TiVo provides for online streaming stations.
  • Play your MP3 files and streaming stations using both .m3u and .pls playlist formats.
  • View live local weather conditions including current conditions, 5-day forecasts and radar images.
  • View local cinema listings.
  • Automatically download and view any image on the internet.
  • View a real-time image of your PC desktop.
  • Play interactive games such as TicTacToe.
  • Manual connections from TiVo.
  • Platform independent.
  • Supports TiVo Beacon API.
  • Provides a plugin architecture.
  • Organize images files based on their date information.
  • View fullscreen images of web pages.
  • Audio Jukebox.
  • View stock quotes.
  • iTunes playlists integration.
  • Read email.
  • View NNTP images from newsgroups.
  • View RSS feeds.
  • View NOAA weather alerts.
  • ToGo.

  • Disclaimer
  • This is not an official TiVo® release. The project is not affiliated with TiVo in any way and is an independent open source project.
  • By using this software with your TiVo, you are assuming all risks associated with that.
  • This software only works for TiVo's Series 2 standalone boxes and TiVo DVD players, and you need to have the Home Media Option enabled. This project is not a replacement of HMO and does not provide a way for you hack into your TiVo.

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